Albedo Gravitas 2nd ALBUM RELEASE PARTY / September 9, 2023(sat)@Okubo Hikarinouma


Albedo Gravitas 2nd ALBUM RELEASE PARTY
September 9, 2023(sat)@Okubo Hikarinouma
open 19:00 start 19:30 charge 2000yen +1drink
Albedo Gravitas
清水麻八子+田畑満 / 森重靖宗+赤い日ル女

Albedo Gravitas
Albedo Gravitasは2015年に結成されたヒグチケイコとSachikoの即興デュオグループAlbedo Fantasticaに内田静男が加わり派生したトリオである。ヒグチケイコとSachikoの変幻自在なヴォイスにピアノ、ベース、エレクトロニクス、メロディカ等が絡み、空間を淀み引き裂くような独特の即興演奏。都内でコンスタントにライブを行い、2021年にはフランスのレーベルAn’archivesよりファーストライブアルバムEihwazを発表。

清水 麻八子(シミズマヤコ)
リンカーンセンターのAlice Tully Hallに於いて“BlackShips”芸者役でデビュー。
その後オーストリア・ウィーンにてSona Gazarian女史の下で研鑽を積みウイーン国立音楽大学マスターコース修了。

田畑 満(タバタミツル)
京都出身。 1982年より音楽活動開始。 これまで、のいづんずり / BOREDOMS/ Leningrad Blues Machine / YBO2/ZENI GEVA / Acid Mothers Temple /ガセネタなど、常に日本の音楽シーンの重要バンドで活躍しつつ、海外ツアー、多数のセッションも精力的にこなし、自宅録音によるソロ・アルバムも国内外のレーベルよりリリースしているギタリスト。現在はZZZoo、20Guilders、Tigris Flowers、RQRQ、痛郎、ザ・スターリンのイヌイジュンとのドラム&ベース・ユニットINUY & TABBIE、lemonsoursなどのグループで活動。


赤い日ル女 / Akaihirume
森重靖宗 / yasumune morishige


Musik Atlach NEW RELEASE: Albedo Gravitas / luminescence

9.9.2023 Release Albedo Gravitas / luminescence

Albedo Gravitas are derived from the improvised duo group called Albedo Fantastica of Keiko Higuchi and Sachiko established in 2015 joined by Shizuo Uchida to be a trio. The kaleidoscopic voices of Higuchi and Sachiko intermingling with the piano, bass, electronics and melodica, seem to stagnate and cut up the space which to result to create their only unique improvisation. They have been constantly performing in Tokyo and released their first album Eihwaz from the French label An’archives in 2021.
This very latest one is their first studio recorded album ever. The music here appears to be a roaming in the tranquil darkness, breathing deeply and tracing the spiritual vein of gold while spotting luminescence.

liner notes by BF / SJ

artist: Albedo Gravitas
title:  luminescence
format: CD
label: Musik Atlach
number: MA020
price: 12USD

1. luminescence
2. fossa
3. vein of ore


3.18.2023 Musik Atlach Presents Ordvician Wings #2@Asagaya Yellow Vision


Musik Atlach Presents Ordvician Wings #2
Saturday,  March 18, 2023@Asagaya Yellow Vision
charge 2500yen+1drink open 19:00 start 19:30
the golden age of wireless(Miki Naoe+Cato, feat Ironnatokoniiku),
mn(T.Mikawa+Jun Numata)

(T.Mikawa+Jun Numata)
非常階段、インキャパシタンツ etc. のT. 美川とdoubtmusicの沼田順による2014年結成のノイズ・インプロヴィゼイション・デュオ・ユニット。CD3作をリリース。ゲストを加えた"mn+"もそのうちリリース予定)

the Golden Age of Wireless ft.いろんなとこにいく
(Miki Naoe+Cato, feat Ironnatokoniiku)
直江実樹:Radio, Cato(十三夜):Radio・Others+いろんなとこにいく:ダクソフォン・ドラム

光束夜、OVERHANG PARTYのベーシストとして参加する傍ら、ヴォイスとエレクトロニクスによるドローンを主軸としたソロユニットをはじめる。06年ファーストアルバムを発表後、幾つかのフェスティバルに参加、欧州ツアーを行う。他にヒグチケイコとの即興ユニット「Albedo Fantastica」等で活動。レーベル「Musik Atlach」主宰。


NEW RELASE: Albedo Gravitas / Eihwaz

 NEW RELASE: Albedo Gravitas / Eihwaz

artist: Albedo Gravitas
title: Eihwaz
label: An’archives
num:  [An’24] Free Wind Mood series
price: 24EUR, 28USD, 3200yen
LP ltd to 285, silkscreened jacket with obi (red or black), inserts and postcard
Liner notes by Jon Dale

Keiko Higuchi voice, drums, piano
Sachiko voice, electronics, percussion, melodica
Shizuo Uchida bass

Albedo Gravitas is an extension of Albedo Fantastica (released on An’archives in 2018), the duo of Keiko Higuchi and Sachiko (Kousokuya, Overhang Party, Vava Kitora). Both of them are well known names to those who are evolving in the Japanese underground waters since each has been involved in many projects and each has a consisting discography on labels as Musik Atlach, Improvising Beings, Utech. Their respective backgrounds are maybe a little bit different but they share a common interest in different genres from jazz and rock to free improvisation and have collaborated with a cast of various musicians in the likes of Cris X, Fukuoka Rinji, Kawaguchi Masami, Shin-Ichiro Kanda…
For Albedo Gravitas, Shizuo Uchida joins on bass. A peripatetic member of the Japanese underground, having played with groups such as Nord, Onna-Kodomo, Hasegawa-Shizuo, Kito Mizukumi Rouber and Keiji Haino’s Nijiumu, he most recently turned up on An’archives as one half of UH, alongside sax player Takayuki Hashimoto (of KMR and .es).
While this is Albedo Gravitas’s first album, they play together with intelligence and sensitivity, but also with a strong capacity for the unexpected; there are many moments here where you’re wrongfooted, caught askance by the way the music comes together, and comes apart.
Higuchi’s and Sachiko’s instrumental armory is multiple : piano, drums, melodica, electronics. Maybe their most remarkable presence, though, comes through voice – the glottal contortions, heart-rending sighs and moans, and chopped’n’screwed real-time vox improvs that soar across the album’s unpredictable musical terrain. Uchida works here with temporal disruption, there with heavyweight bass punctuation; drums plot out the most welcome rudimentary anti-rhythms, as electronics and melodica shoot arcs of white light through the air, lending an avant-chamber charm to the music here.
Most startling are the dynamics of the two side-long pieces, and the way the group use silence and stilted landscapes to suggest all kinds of routes previously unnavigated. In its capacity for disorientation, it feels indeed like a surprising kind of psychedelia, one far from generic constraint, and much closer to the sidereal suspension that that most overused of terms should rend through your head.


4.17.2021 Musik Atlach Presents Ordvician Wings #1@Okubo Hikarinouma

4.17.2021 Musik Atlach Presents Ordvician Wings #1@Okubo Hikarinouma

Ken Matsuani + SACHIKO
MAI MAO (Shizuo Uchida × Kyosuke Terada)
seating capacity 15 / reservation
charge 2000yen +1drink  open 18:00 start 18:30

Live streaming: 18:30~
We accept the donation.

Ken Matsutani
Known overseas for the management and activities of Captain Trip Records, Marble sheep, etc. He has been playing solo guitar work under the name of Mickey Guitar since around 2000.. The sounds that is layered one by one is ambient and sometimes chaotic, creating a beautiful and holy space.

While playing as a bassist of OVERHANG PARTY at Kousokuya, she started a solo unit centered on drones by voice and electronics.
After releasing her first album in 2006, she participated in several festivals and toured Europe. Other groups include "VAVA KITORA", "Tangerine Dream Syndicate" and "Albedo Fantastica". She is running a label "Musik Atlach". http://musikatlach-sachiko.tumblr.com/

MAI MAO (Shizuo Uchida × Kyosuke Terada)
Free improvised strings duo by Shizuo Uchida and Kyosuke Terada. Both has many activities and we never drunk, we think..


4.12.2020 Ordvician Flowers vol.8 @Ikenoue GARIGARI

4.12.2020 Ordvician Flowers VOL.8@ Ikenoue Bar GARIGARI
open 18:30 start 19:00 charge 2000yen + drink
Ken Matsuani + SACHIKO
mn(T.Mikawa+Jun Numata)
MAI MAO (Shizuo Uchida × Kyosuke Terada)

MAI MAO (Shizuo Uchida × Kyosuke Terada)
数々のユニットで勢力的に活動を行うShizuo UchidaとKyosuke Teradaによる弦楽インプロヴァイズドユニット。 Free improvised strings duo by Shizuo Uchida and Kyosuke Terada. Both has many activities and we never drunk, we think..

非常階段、インキャパシタンツ etc. のT. 美川とdoubtmusicの沼田順による2014年結成のノイズ・インプロヴィゼイション・デュオ・ユニット。CD3作をリリース。ゲストを加えた"mn+"もそのうちリリース予定)

VO&Bのまどかと、ギターのルイス稲毛の二人を中心に、2004年から息の長い活動を続けている。 まどかの作る独白調の乾いた詩の世界と、けだるいメロディに、ルイスの弾くサイケデリックなアシッド感の漂うギターが唯一無二の存在の荒野を現出させている。 (鳥井賀句)

Ken Matsutani
Captain Trip Records, Marble sheepなどの運営・活動で海外でも知られる。 2000年頃からソロ・ギター・ワークMickey Guitar名義で活動。一音一音重ねてゆくサウンドはアンビエントであり時にカオティックでもあり美しくホーリーな空間を演出する。

光束夜、OVERHANG PARTYのベーシストとして参加する傍ら、ヴォイスとエレクトロニクスによるドローンを主軸としたソロユニットをはじめる。06年ファーストアルバムを発表後、幾つかのフェスティバルに参加、欧州ツアーを行う。他に「VAVA KITORA」「Tangerine Dream Syndicate」「Albedo Fantastica」等で活動。レーベル「Musik Atlach」主宰。 http://musikatlach-sachiko.tumblr.com/