Majutsu no Niwa 3rd ALBUM -Ecstatic Crystallization-

Majutsu no Niwa 3rd ALBUM -Ecstatic Crystallization-
OUT ON - December 25, 2010
artist: Majutsu no Niwa
title: Ecstatic Crystallization
price: 1,500yen
num: MA009
format: CD


Metempsychosis of FUKUOKA Rinji, Overhang Party~Majutsu no Niwa which began by unexpected 'La Fièvre' passed through 'Serchin' for my Layline' 'La Vena'and reached 'Ecstatic Crystallization'.
The rearguard Rock having neither the progress nor the step backward, or aesthetics of reactionary conservatism. The heavy peals of 'Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung' or 'Ewige Wiederkunft des Gleichen'. Continuo which continues drifting in the depths of the pop pieces to hear in past issue.
Experience eternal rock'n roll theater 'now come out'.
joint release with sloow tapes(Belgium) . This is CD version limited 250. 

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