Musik Atlach NEW RELEASE: UTON-COURTIS / Flokka Kur

title: Flokka Kur
price: 1,680yen / 14USD
num: MA011
format: CD
(2.28. 2013)

Flokka Kur is a collaboration work by Finnish Uton and Argentinan Anla Courtis. Started from the noisy mystical drones of Uton and after continued by Anla’s manipulations & some extra noise.  Described as a “shamanic music in urban context” and “sounds for non-euclidean geometry landscapes”. All that under a theme of flowers, mixed with spanish and finnish language.

Anla Courtis was born in 1972 in Buenos Aires , Argentina . He was a founder member of Reynols. He has more than 200 solo releases and collaborations.
His music always has strong experimental sense and usually based on high-skilled techniques of prepared sound, tape manipulations, processing of field recordings, live electronics, objects, cymbals, synthesizers, computer tools, playing traditional (both acoustic and electric) instruments as well as self-built, strange and unusual instruments (eg. unstringed guitar).
Jani Hirvonen aka Uton is a Finnish artist born in 1979. Uton’s music is a mix of many genres, including elements from drone, avant-noise, free-improv, psychedelia, ambient, tape-music, musique concre´te etc. Sometimes wondering in the silent dark semi-acoustic mysteries, and in the next day creating noisy wall of sound with outer space echoes and alien atmospheres.

1. Titonia Mutisia
2. Tupastiarella Mirto
3. Sinilitu Retama
4. Pensamiento Kielo
5. Euforbia Punavaula
6. Maloppi Calendulas
7. Vanamo Hosta
8. Ikikulta Lovelia

UTON-COURTIS / Flokka Kur by musikatlach