NEW RELEASE: Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji / void

Sachiko &  FUKUOKA Rinji / void
10.31.2013 ON SALE

Sachiko & FUKUOKA Rinji
title: void
label: Musik Atlach
num: MACDR001
format: CDR
price: 1,000yen / 10USD

The Second release of the live recording of FUKUOKA Rinji duo Sachiko that has continued intermittently. Drone that centers on voices and strings.
The voice of the prayer that comes in succession like restless waves makes delayed psychedelia.

6. June. 2011 Koenji ShowBoat (TOKYO)
Sachiko: voice, electronics
FUKUOKA Rinji: voice, electronics, bass, percussion, radio
recorded & mastered: FUKUOKA Rinji  sleeve design: Sachiko