Albedo Fantastica Kyoto-Osaka-Nagoya TOUR

Albedo Fantastica Kyoto-Osaka-Nagoya TOUR

●march 20th (fri)@ UrBANGUILD(kyoto)
open: 18:30/ start: 19:00
charge: 1500 yen + drink
■Albedo Fantastica
■nakyamurapiroko + osamu osanai micchie daichan friends
■masataka nagano with takashi matsumoto+daisuke fujita
■K.mical mico

●march 21st (sat)@ Gallery NORMAT(osaka)
KOBO NORMAT EDITION exhibition 1989-1999 “Nomade+Art”
related event
“Nomade” music performance of Albedo Fantastica (from tokyo) and .es
start: 19:00-  charge: 2,000 yen(with1drink)
■Albedo Fantastica:
keiko higuchi (piano, vo) & Sachiko (violin, vo, electronics)
takayuki hashimoto (a.s) & sara (p, vo)
■ for more info & reservation: info@nomart.co.jp

●march 22nd (sun)@ MUSIC & DINING BAR GURU×GURU(nagoya)
open: 18:30/ start: 19:00 charge: 2000 yen + drink
■Albedo Fantastica  【keiko higuchi (voice) x Sachiko (electronics,voice,violin)】
■yoshinori yanagawa (alto-sax) × makoto kawashima (alto-sax)
■kazuhiko matsuda (guitar) x hiroyuki muto (electronics)
■Hiroki ono(electronics)

Albedo Fantastica(アルベド・ファンタスティカ)京都ー大阪ー名古屋ツアー

●march 20th (fri)@ UrBANGUILD(京都)
open: 18:30/ start: 19:00 charge: 1500 yen + drink
■Albedo Fantastica(アルベド・ファンタスティカ)
■ナキャムラピロコ+長内納 ミッチー だいちゃん 仲間達
■長野雅貴 with 松元隆+フジタダイスケ 
■Kみかる みこ

●march 21st (sat)@ Gallery NORMAT (ノマル)(大阪)
版画工房ノマルエディション展 1989-1999 “Nomade+Art” 関連イベント
Albedo Fantastica (from東京) と.esによる即興Live “Nomade”
start: 19:00-  charge: 2,000 yen(with1drink)
■Albedo Fantastica (アルベド・ファンタスティカ):
ヒグチケイコ (ピアノ/ヴォイス・ヴォーカル) & Sachiko (ヴァイオリン/ヴォイス/エレクトロニクス)
■.es (ドットエス):橋本孝之 (アルトサックス) & sara (ピアノ/ヴォイス)
■ ご予約・お問い合わせ: info@nomart.co.jp
NORMAT (ノマル)

●march 22nd (sun)@ MUSIC & DINING BAR GURU×GURU(名古屋)
open: 18:30/ start: 19:00 charge: 2000 yen + drink
■Albedo Fantastica  【ヒグチケイコ(voice) x Sachiko (electronics,voice,violin)】
■柳川芳命(alto-sax) × 川島誠(alto-sax)
■松田和彦(guitar) x 武藤宏之(electronics)


T(H)REE vol.3 Release Live Tour in Japan

T(H)REE vol.3 Release Live Tour in Japan

2015/3/14(Sat)  東京・六本木 Super Deluxe
19:00開場 前売 ¥2800 + 1drink / 当日¥3300 + 1drink
東京都港区西麻布3-1-25B1F 03-5412-0515 

Gil Dionísio – violin (Portugal) 
Sara Ribeiro – voice (Portugal)
Gamin – piri, taepyeongeo (South Korea) 
sOo Jung Kae – piano (South Korea)
Woonjunng Sim – percussion (South Korea)
Tengger (Itta & Marqido) – electronics, voice (South Korea) 
荒井康太 – taiko (Japan) 
新井陽子 – piano (Japan)
Chihro Butterfly – voice, keyboards (Japan) 
Marcos Fernandes – percussion (Japan) 
Hiroshi Hasegawa – electronics (Japan) 
菊地良博 – solo computer (Japan) 
Chu Makino – voice (Japan) 
Sachiko – electronics (Japan) 

T(H)REE JAPANは日本、ポルトガル、韓国の三ヶ国が参加し、 実験的な音楽を通じて三ヶ国の交流を計るプロジェクト『T(H)REE』から派生した団体です。 昨年9月に上記三ヶ国が参加したCD「T(H)REE vol,3[From Poltugal to Japan to South Korea]」をポルトガルにて発売し、12月17日に三ヶ国のアーティストが集まりポルトガルの首都であるリスボンのホール「MUSEU ORIENTE」にて発売記念コンサートを開催致しました。 プロジェクト『T(H)REE』は 世界の若い音楽家同士の交流とCDの収益を世界の抱える問題に寄付することを目的としており、ポルトガルでのCDの収益は体に難病をかかえた子供の夢を叶えるNGO「Make a Wish Fundation(http://wish.org/)」に寄付しています。 日本では昨年11月3日にCDの発売が行われ、国内でのCDの収益の一部は東日本大震災の子供たちに楽器を寄付する「楽器 for Kids(http://www.gakkiforkids.org/)」という団体に送られます。 今回CDの国内発売を記念したコンサートが行われる運びとなりました。日本のアーティストだけでなくこのプロジェクトに携わっているポルトガル・韓国のアーティストも来日します。http://ujr.jp/three/

T(H)REE vol.3 – From Portugal to Japan and South Korea

Release 14.11.3 UJRF-14005

T(h)ree Vol. 3: From Portugal to Japan to South Korea, the third and final in a series of CDs produced by David Valentim, was released on Cobra Discos in October of 2014 and several participating musicians converged in Lisbon in December for a release event at the Museu Oriente sponsored by Fundação Oriente (Asian Foundation). The CD, a 3-disc set, was consequently released in Japan and T(h)ree Japan, a collective of artists who participated in the projrct, attempts to continue the dialogue by inviting artists to once again meet, collaborate and create new sounds and new possibilities. T(h)ree is a charity project and all proceeds from the sales of CDs in Japan will be donated to Gakki For Kids, an organization providing musical instruments to youths in the Tohoku region who have been affected by the earthquake and tsunami.
Performers include Gil Dionísio (Portugal), Gamin, sOo Jung Kaße, Wonnjung Sim, Tengger (Korea), Kota Arai, Yoko Arai, Chihro Butterfly, Marcos Fernandes, Hiroshi Hasegawa, Yoshihiro Kikuchi, Chu Makino and Sachiko (Japan).
For more information please visit http://ujr.jp/three/ or contact Marcos Fernandes at marcos@accretions.com or 090-8643-1662.

The Events

Friday, March 13, 7pm
Launch Party at Koganecho Happening 9
Shichoushitsu Sono 2, Yokohama
Advance: ¥1500 + 1 drink Door: ¥2000 + 1 drink

Saturday, March 14, 7pm
T(h)ree Japan CD Release Party
Super Deluxe, Tokyo
Advance: ¥2800 + 1 drink Door: ¥3300 + 1 drink

Sunday, March 15, 7pm
T(h)ree Japan CD Release Party
Tiki-Poto, Sendai
¥1000 + 1 drink

The Performers

Gil Dionísio  - violin (Portugal) http://cargocollective.com/gildionisio
Gamin - piri, taepyeonso (Korea) http://gamin-music.com
sOo Jung Kae - piano (Korea)
Woonjunng Sim - percussion (Korea)
Tengger (Itta & Marqido) - electronics, voice (Korea) http://tengger.net
Kota Arai - taiko (Japan) http://www.geocities.jp/anoyoarayo/
Yoko Arai - piano (Japan)
Chihro Butterfly - voice, keyboards (Japan) http://soundcloud.com/chihirobutterfly
Marcos Fernandes - percussion (Japan) http://www.marcosfernandes.com/
Hiroshi Hasegawa - electronics (Japan) http://www2.odn.ne.jp/astro/
Yoshihiro Kikuchi - solo computer (Japan) http://soundcloud.com/yoshihiro-kikuchi
Chu Makino - voice (Japan) http://chumakino.tumblr.com
Sachiko - electronics (Japan) http://musikatlach-sachiko.tumblr.com/

The Venues

Super Deluxe
3-1-25B1F Nishi azabu, Minatoku, Tokyo • 東京都港区西麻布3-1-25B1F 03.5412.0515  • https://www.super-deluxe.com

Bar & Event Hole Tiki-Poto
3-5-24 Kokubuncho, Aobaku, Sendai, Miyagi • 宮城県仙台市青葉区国分町3-5-24
022-393-823 • http://tikitiki-potopoto.jimdo.com

Shichoushitsu 2
2-7 Koganecho, Nakaku, Yokohama • 横浜市中区黄金町2-7
045-251-3979 • http://shicho.org

About the project
T(h)ree is a non-profit cultural project that joins alternative musicians from Portugal and several Asian countries in unique musical partnerships.
The idea comes not only with the commitment to materialize a meeting of cultures but also the urgent desire to encourage local music production, taking it away from its borders, reaching distant territories, forming new contacts and starting a musical relationships that otherwise would never take place.
This project also comes from the desire for pure dialogue, with no barriers in the mixture of creative processes, sounds and different ways of making music in a world which knows no limits and no distance, where technology is the main source of catalyst and point of meeting.
T(h)ree brings to the same field different musicians with different backgrounds and cultures, and invites them to play together on an album or on stage. More than just a challenge, it is a laboratory of music that can take us to a whole new sonic world, waiting to be explored.
The sales of the albums released under this project are totally donated to charity institutions. This proves not only a strong sense of social concern from the musicians involved but also shows the cultural relevance of this project, that spreads a message of harmony and connection between people through music.