Albedo Fantastica Presents 9.5.2015@Okubo Hikari no Uma

Albedo Fantastica Presents
おほかたの 秋くるからに わが身こそ かなしきものと 思ひ知りぬれ
open 19:00 start 20:00 charge 2000en +1drink
Albedo Fantastica

●September 5, 2015 (sat) @Okubo Hikari no Uma
open 19:00 start 20:00 adv door 2000en +1drink
Albedo Fantastica (Keiko Higuchi piano,voice,vocals / Sachiko violin,voice,electronics)

Albedo Fantastica (アルベド・ファンタスティカ)
hasegawa-shizuo ( 長谷川静男 )
Albedo Fantastica
Albedo Fantastica is a new project of Sachiko and Keiko Higuchi. Not depending on neither words or messages, they seek the universal language based on voice, and as their mutual music styles till now, they leave all the back grounds and possibilities of their music to the listeners, plus their attempt is to expand their own axises of spaces, time and physicalities in various ways. 
While they approach each other with their own voices, Keiko utilizes drums or a piano, and Sachiko applies a violin and electronics, and at times with other artists, in order to develop sounds that are ever-changing.
hasegawa-shizuo is a group based on improvisation of Hirotomo Hasegawa (hichiriki, ukulele, etc) and Shizuo Uchida (bass, etc) started from 2005. Their genre-less music includes the contemporary, noise and ethnic which mix  "space" and "drone".  All the performance is constructed by utilizing the sound of what's played at that time.